Inflow: Following the Flow of a Brand

Our services have more continuity, and our team has more confidence as a whole.

Phases did a great job walking us through the branding process and explaining the why and how behind every decision. Our new brand is about more than just visuals; it's about how everything, from our name to our internal company culture, works together. Since we implemented the changes, our services have more continuity, and our team has more confidence as a whole.

Mike Homepage
Mike Belasco
One of our most trusted partners

Our company has been partnering with Phases for years, consistently helping each others' clients with web design and development, branding, organic SEO, paid search marketing and more.

We provide organic Search Engine Optimization services. Phases is one of our most trusted partners because they're one of the few web design companies that understand not only how to integrate SEO-friendly coding, design and content when developing a website, but why it's so important.

Whether you're looking for a website redesign or are starting fresh, I recommend Kandra and her team because they understand how to make a website that looks great, works well, and – working with us – attracts plenty of good traffic.

Chris Hickey
Chris Hickey
Thank you for all your hard and excellent work.

Not sure if anyone from our team reached out already, but I want to let you know the IRCE event went very well. The booth and all the material really came together and looked great. And our messages and approach seemed to be well received and attractive to our audience. Thank you for all your hard and excellent work.

Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Just want to second what Forrest said, everything surrounding this campaign from the booth to the handouts to the ebook came out amazing. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Working with you was just what this campaign needed.

Ditto Forrest and Mike's comments. Working with you was just what this campaign needed. Thanks Kandra!

We've worked with seOverflow for many years, and have watched them go from a small SEO company that specialized in white label services to a full-fledged inbound marketing firm. As their company grew, their brand focus evolved. Our job was to address their need for re-branding to accurately reflect their updated services, modern methods, and years of industry experience. To accomplish this, we sat down with company members to develop a new brand and a new name: Inflow.

The Solution: Flowing from Old to New

The first step to creating a new brand was an in-depth discovery phase, which we used to asses the strengths of the old brand, solidify a new brand backbone, and determine the needs of the new brand: a name, logo, and full image re-work. As seOverflow already had a strong brand identity and a loyal client base; the new identity needed to tie into the old brand and still reflect the company's modern outlook.

After several brainstorming sessions, we decided to keep the word "flow" from the original name. We then added "In" to represent both the inbound marketing that the company specializes in, and the steady inflow of site traffic, conversions, and revenue that their services provide. From there, we created a tagline and logo to solidify their new identity.

Part of the inspiration for the rebranding came from the wide variety of services that Inflow offers. From SEO to conversion optimization, we needed a way tie together every part of the company's brand. We created a set of branded icons for each of Inflow's service offerings to do just that.

The end result of our efforts is a cohesive new brand that shows the company's strengths, reflects their history, and prepares Inflow for the future of inbound marketing.

The Results: A Fluid New Brand

  • New company name and tagline
  • Updated logo and brand standards guide
  • Modern website showcasing the results and targeting audience segments
  • Branded icons for individual service offerings
  • Re-branded internal collateral including: proposals, stationary, business cards, signage, and sales and event presentations