Website design and development for Denver small businesses is an action and results- oriented consultancy, specializing in reducing purchasing costs through better planning. With expertise in P&L management, operational turnaround management, financial restructuring, sales and marketing development, and strategic and business planning, Bottomlinefix focuses primarily on more effective and efficient supply chain management.

They reached out to us for assistance in communicating their ability to serve manufacturing and distribution companies in various stages of their development – from those experiencing rapid growth, to those struggling to stay afloat, to those restructuring to sell.

The Solution :: Quick, concise communication

Bottomlinefix needed a brand image that could communicate their rather esoteric-seeming specialty to C-level executives quickly and concisely. We designed and implemented a clean and professional user interface with succinct, prominent headlines, simple navigation, easily digestible content, and pointed calls to action. We helped them create an informational resource for their existing clients and a business driver for potential new clients.

The Results :: An effective online brand portal

  • Clean, professional design
  • User-focused interface
  • Informative, memorable headlines
  • Informative, web-friendly content
  • Cross-linking of blog posts for information and education