Your Cure for Spring Fever (and chance to meet the “new guy”)

4 out of 5 doctors agree: The most effective treatment for Spring Fever is a medicinal cocktail and the company of good friends.

Pick up your secret remedy at the Phases Design Studio Spring Fever Happy Hour :: Have a drink and meet the “new guy” Ryan!

Thursday, April 12th 4PM – 6PM @ Fuel Cafe

Be one of the first 10 people to RSVP via  Google+, Facebook, or Twitter and get a free cocktail!

Ryan will be handing out the drink coupons for the lucky winners, but everyone else can say hi too.

He seems to be pretty cool, a good designer / coder,and he even ate one of Kandra’s vegan cookies …with a straight face.


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4 Comments on “Your Cure for Spring Fever (and chance to meet the “new guy”)

    Congratulations Kandra – I hope the new guy knows what a good opportunity he has – and his responsibility to produce!

      Thanks Terry! Ryan’s really shaping up well!

    Party sounds fun. See you on the 12th.

      Looking forward to seeing you Kathy!