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ConversionIQ helps businesses structure their website experience with the goal of getting more of their visitors to convert into paying customers of these companies. ConversionIQ is still a very young company, but the need is so strong, and their tools and service so effective that the business is really taking off.

ConversionIQ had already done a fair amount of branding work before they came to us, but they hadn’t produced any print collateral. With a rapidly approaching trade show, they now had a real deadline for stationery, promotional items, and trade show display materials.

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The Solution :: Beat the deadline with fun, creative promo items, and identity pieces

With the trade show deadline looming, we sprang into action, designing and writing materials that were specific to the needs and purpose of the trade show, but that could be repurposed with a minimal effort afterward – including branded “My name is…” tags for company owners Keith and Mike to hand out at the trade show to help establish their prospect’s company’s conversion rates. We also designed, wrote and produced rack cards and branded collapsible frisbees.

We were able to produce all of these items quickly and relatively painlessly for two reasons: our comprehensive discovery process helped us establish the personality and brand voice of ConversionIQ, the demographics of their audience – not just in general, but for this trade show in particular – and the various purposes that the pieces would serve throughout their lifetimes.

The Results :: Branded promotional items and tradeshow materials written, designed and produced on a tight turnaround

  • A rack card that could be repurposed after the trade show as a standard leave behind
  • Branded “My name is…” tags
  • Registration cards that publicized and registered users for a ConversionIQ webinar
  • A vertical trade show display
  • Branded, collapsible frisbees
  • Management of the entire process from discovery to printing
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