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Poster Boys for Attention-Grabbing Collateral

ConversionIQ provides ongoing, expert analysis and recommendations for incrementally and steadily improving the sales results of your website. CIQ introduces a level of expertise and quality of services and tools previously only available to the largest, wealthiest enterprises (like or Netflix) to the local bakery or moving company.

Building on our successful creation of collateral for previous tradeshows, CIQ needed new display collateral that would help a full booth stand out at the show while educating a general audience about website conversion – what it is, why they should care, and what the benefits are.

The Solution :: A Blockbuster Idea – Killer Implementation

Taking our inspiration from the publicity campaign for the films Kill Bill Volumes I and II, we developed a concept for a trilogy of blockbuster movie posters that would explain three of the most persistent barriers to entry for CIQ’s potential clients. With striking imagery, dramatic colors, and clever, punchy copy, the attention-grabbing posters distilled the complex ideas into easy-to-understand, witty visual metaphors and puns.

The posters came out so well that CIQ took the unusual step of producing them on art-quality materials and awarding them to prospects as part of a promotional contest.

The posters came together quickly, thanks to our meticulously maintained trusting, long-term relationship with CIQ, and to our discovery method, which allows us to drill down to the heart of our clients’ audience, offerings and competition. This process allows us to focus on their core promises – the backbone of their brand. By focusing on the most important aspects of a company’s brand, we’re able to cut through a lot of unnecessary clutter to produce collateral or campaigns that are as unique and targeted as they need to be, without sacrificing the coherence of the best brand messaging.

The Results :: Collectible Collateral

  • A series of striking posters that cut through the visual chaos of a busy trade show
  • Engaging collateral that sold the measurable benefits of a seemingly intangible service, while reinforcing the core brand values and promises of a fast-growing startup
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