Community Leadership Academy

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Community Leadership Academy: an Educational Path to Victory

Community Leadership Academy is Adam’s County’s first charter school. For the past 8 years, the school has worked to create a positive, structured learning environment for its students. This year, the founders of CLA are opening Victory Preparatory Academy, a high school based on the same philosophies. With one school growing and another ready to open, it was time to develop a formal brand.

The Solution: Honor, Integrity, and Approach-ability

CLA’s name perfectly reflects the school’s identity. We wanted to create a brand that accurately represented the community involvement, leadership training, and strong academic values of the institution, while maintaining an approachable feel that students and families could relate to. We also needed to create a complimentary brand for VPA, reflecting the next steps in education that the students would take.

To maintain a scholarly feel, we created a crest and a Latin motto for each institution. The CLA motto means “nurturing leaders”, while the VPA motto translates as “from dreams to victory.” Following these concepts, the dual falcons represent honor and community; the VPA falcon faces towards that of CLA, guiding younger students to their personal victories.

The Results: Representing Core Values

  • Full scholastic logo development including school crests, athletic, corporate and marketing application options
  • Latin motto’s reflecting the core values of the brand
  • Letterhead and print collateral
  • Complete brand standards guide detailing the varied logo applications
  • Marketing collateral ranging from brochures, handbooks and banners to water bottles, apparel and tote bags.
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