Colorado Rapids and Our Favorite Credit Union

This weekend is the opening game for the Colorado Rapids, down at Dick’s Sporting Goods Stadium. We love our local sports teams, but that’s not the only reason we’re excited:


Notice anything special? One of our clients, Westerra, is now the Official Credit Union of the Colorado Rapids, and enlisted us to handle the design for the campaign (which included wrapping the box offices – what a fun job we have indeed!!)

Keeping it Local


We’ve been working with Westerra for quite some time now, which is part of what made this project so much fun. Westerra’s brand is all about staying local and supporting your community – and what says “community” more than your local sports team? And, with the Rapids strong family atmosphere, they were a perfectly sportting match for Westerra.

For this project we needed to create messaging and visuals that worked with both brands. We started with a brainstorming session, pooling everything we knew about why Colorado loves their soccer team, and how that can translate to their credit union. We were then able to develop a full campaign based on key messaging points that will be utalized throughout the season, and supported by the core message of Colorado for Life. Because whether you’re supporting the Rapids, shopping at the small business down the street, or banking at your nearby credit union, the Colorado lifestyle is all about rooting for your home team.

The visuals blend the shared Colordao brand components of Westerra and the Rapids brands with beautiful Colorado scenery, Westerra and Rapids color pallets, and the Colorado flag.

If you get a chance this season, don’t forget to check out our designs in person!

Go Rapids!

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