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Westerra Credit Union and the Colorado Rapids:
Two Brands that Love Local

We’ve worked closely with Westerra Credit Union for many years, and have loved watching their brand grow. So you can imagine our excitement when we heard that one of our favorite clients became the Official Credit Union of the Colorado Rapids.

Westerra’s sponsorship included the opportunity to design wraps, banners, and other visuals that would appear on nearly every corner of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Stadium. For such a high-profile campaign, we needed to start with a focused strategy in order to create a campaign that would show just how much Rapids fans could love their new credit union.

The Solution: Keeping it Local

Our first step was to define our campaign. We needed a concept that expressed the Westerra brand in a way that spoke to the values of the Colorado Rapids’ audience. To do this, we appealed one of the best aspects of our state: our strong local community.

Living in Colorado is all about supporting your home team, whether that means driving out to the stadium to root for the Rapids or choosing to trust your finances to your local credit union. We expressed this idea through a simple campaign slogan “Colorado for Life,” tied in with sub-messaging across various promotions, such as “Add Westerra to Your Financial Kit”.

With a strategy and messaging in place, we designed a series of visuals that worked with both the Westerra and Rapids colors, focusing on Colorado’s iconic mountain visuals and state flag. By using local imagery and focusing on the Colorado lifestyle, we aimed to show Rapids fans that Westerra shares their community values and understands their financial needs. Banking at your local credit union is a way to show support not just for your home team, but for your entire community.

The Results: Colorado for Life

  • Branded tagline and campaign concept
  • Full stadium graphics including score board, ticket booths, and stadium banners
  • Custom Rapids VISA cards
  • Season ticket holder campaign graphic and messaging
  • Custom t-shirt and in-stadium booth design

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