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Keep up with your virtual neighbors with our thoughts on Social Media Marketing trends.

Facebook Timeline for Pages

Today Facebook formally announced Timeline for Pages, which will alter the default view of your business’ or organization’s Facebook Page to look more like your personal profile pages. On March 30th all Pages will roll over to the new design and you can do it now if you want, but Phases recommends you wait until Facebook works out a few of the kinks.

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Don’t Let Facebook Give You the Blues

Facebook’s dominance of the web has small businesses convinced that their Facebook badges have to be Facebook blue, regardless of whether or not the color works in the overall design of their own websites, or with their own brands. This isn’t the case. It’s your job to brand yourself, not to manage Facebook’s and Twitter’s brands. Here are a few sites that make the icons their own.

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How to Fail @ Social Media

As branding and marketing professionals on whom clients rely for solid branding and marketing strategy and implementation, it’s our job to figure out who needs to do social media and who doesn’t, and why, and to push back against the tide of “all-social-media-all-the-time,” that we’ve seen over the last couple of years.

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