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Good Questions, Run of the Mill Answers

This Ad Age White Paper asks some good questions about small business marketing, but gets some fairly run of the mill answers. We’ll help you sort the wheat from the chaff.

Spamalot: How to Run a Successful, Spam Free Email Campaign

False reports of the death of email marketing at the hands of spam merchants, bloggers, and Social Media Marketers have been circulating on the Internet for years. As is often the case with rumors, these reports are greatly exaggerated. Email marketing works, but since the passage of the first version of the CAN-SPAM Act in 2003, it’s been a little bit trickier for legitimate email marketers to ply their trade.

Did the “swoosh,” make Nike or did Nike make the “swoosh?”

Nike’s famous swoosh logo is one of the most recognizable brand images on the planet. But is it responsible for Nike’s global success, or does Nike’s brand management model drive the recognition of the logo? And how can small businesses use the same strategies when crafting and managing their brands?

Finding a Host for Your Website

From obtaining a domain, to finding a suitable host – information you need to know before signing up with a hosting service.

Should you blog?

Why should you blog, how to blog, and tips for making blogging easy.

Implement Your Brand

If you have a business, if you’ve interacted with customers, you have a brand. If you have worked with a branding agency, you have a defined brand that you control. So, let’s say you have a defined brand – you know what your audience wants to hear, and how you are going to say it …

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Turn Your Brochure into a Powerful Marketing Tool, and Not Just Filler for the Recycling Bin

You’re dressed for success, wide awake and ready to make your daily sales calls, but will they remember you when you leave. You just finished a phone call with a prospective client, your script was perfect, your voice did not crack, and they want more information. You are headed to a tradeshow where your company …

Turn Your Brochure into a Powerful Marketing Tool, and Not Just Filler for the Recycling Bin Read More »

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