Icon Sets

Communicate in style, with these social media and application icon sets, designed and built by the icon elves at Phases Design Studio.

Hip to Be Flipped (and Square) Social Icon Sets

Inspiration by multiple articles on flat design trends + and an inside chuckle on the hipster trend = our new icon set!

A Social Icon Set That Runs Like Clockwork

What’s shiny, metal, round, and ready to embellish your site? Our Clockwork social media icon set!

Simply Circles Social Media Icon Set

We know we were recently complaining about circles, but we take some of it back. Circles are an awesome shape, and make for sweet and simple designs.
In honor of the circle, we give you Simply Circles, our latest icon set.

Spring Leaf Social Icon Set

For our new set of Social Media and communication icons we were struck by the twin inspirations (or “twinspirations”) of young leaves sprouting through the still-frozen, early spring soil, and Pinterest’s intensely visual nature to create Spring Leaves.

Flyby Social Media Badges

Before Americans went to the moon or astronauts orbited the earth, test pilots like Chuck Yeager, Gus Grissom and John Glenn risked their lives to kick start the Space Age.

Now you can honor these brave aviators every time someone visits your Website, with these retro-stylish social media and communication icons.

Introducing Uplinks – Our First Icon Set!

Download the zip package containing PNGs and Illustrator vector files, and start playing with them now. If you use Uplinks, we would love to see your implementation. So, don’t forget to come back and post a link to your Uplink enhanced site!