Design Tutorials and Tips

Here are some of our design tips, and a few tutorials to help you along the way. We admit that some of these might be a bit on the “geeky” side, so feel free to post a comment with any question you might have.

Mac vs PC For Graphic Designers

[the_ad_placement id=”in-content”] People who preferred PC said: PC is better for graphic design, I’m a graphic designer and know the reasons. PC has a variety of options, specs, quality, prices, and vendors while a Mac has limited options, is much more expensive, repairing a Mac is more expensive and there’s only one vendor. Macs use

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OMG – Kittens!*

For designers, a placeholder (or dummy) image is pretty much what you’d expect from the name: a blank square or rectangle, or generic image placed into a layout or wireframe to indicate where an image will be located before the actual illustration is chosen. Designers use it for images the way they use Lorem Ipsum

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Recipe for Success

You can’t do good creative work without good creative food. And while your mileage may vary regarding what constitutes “good food,” here are a few of the snacks I like to eat to get my creative juices flowing.

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