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Timeless Advice from an Iconic Mad Man

The skills that made advertising the fine art of the late 20th century, are the same ones we use today at Phases to build great brands and Websites. George Lois, the guy who got the likes of Mick Jagger and Sting to want their MTV in the 80s describes the creative process that helped spark advertising’s creative revolution, and that are still the building blocks of the best work in the industry today.

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How To Write A Tagline

Create a Crappy Tagline in 5 Easy Steps

After your logo, your tagline may be the most important, or at least most prominent element of your identity. It functions as one of the first and most persistent things your clients will see, hear, and hopefully remember about your company. A great tagline is a conversation starter that establishes a strong, positive emotional resonance with your clients as it positions your company or product within your market space.

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Duke University’s Vintage Ad Database

One of the most interesting branding, marketing and advertising resources I’ve come across lately is the Duke University library of vintage ads. The library contains images and database information on more than 7000 vintage advertisements printed in the US and Canada from 1911 through 1955. Despite the fact that some of the pieces are almost 100 years old, they demonstrate that the basic ideas and structures of good copywriting have held constant throughout the decades.

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