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5 Resolutions for Your Brand New Year

It’s that time of year! Everyone is promising themselves they’re going to lose that holiday weight, stop smoking, or “be better with their money.” New Year’s resolutions are notoriously easy to make, and even more notoriously easy to break. By keeping your branding-related resolutions simple and measurable, you’ll be more likely to make them stick successfully!

How To Write A Tagline

Create a Crappy Tagline in 5 Easy Steps

After your logo, your tagline may be the most important, or at least most prominent element of your identity. It functions as one of the first and most persistent things your clients will see, hear, and hopefully remember about your company. A great tagline is a conversation starter that establishes a strong, positive emotional resonance with your clients as it positions your company or product within your market space.

What Small Businesses Can Learn from Steve Jobs

There have already been a lot of tributes extolling Steve Jobs’ impact on the way we work, listen to music, read, and generally relate to our technology, our products and our brands. But as small and midsize business owners and managers, and as branding and marketing professionals, what can we learn from Jobs’ career? And how do we apply those lessons to our own work?

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