Campus Publishers

Producer of Campus Guides Makes the Grade with A+ Print Management

Campus Publishers creates glossy, magazine format annual Official Visitor Guides for colleges and universities nationwide. These Guides function as hospitality and marketing tools for these schools and provide information about campus life in their respective communities.

For the last several years we’ve provided ongoing ad design and print consulting, supporting their in-house staff on numerous publications each year.

The Solution :: A great ongoing relationship built on trust and competence

Our long experience in print and publication production made us a natural fit to assist Campus Publishers with their layout and production issues. Campus Publishers receives the benefits of our extensive knowledge of printing processes, project management, communication skills and design savvy, and our print world Rolodex – all without the overhead and personnel challenges that would otherwise result from having a designer on staff.

Our ongoing relationship enables us to act fairly independently, because we’ve cultivated such a deep knowledge of their brand goals and objectives, and have built such a great working relationship over the years. This reduces Campus Publisher’s project management load even further and empowers us to solve problems and troubleshoot when necessary, allowing them to utilize our expertise to the fullest extent possible.

The Results :: Reduced overhead, better looking publications, and fewer production headaches

  • Editorial production
  • Ad layout and design
  • Print management
  • Ongoing consulting on publication design issues

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