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Emphasizing a Personal Touch in an Industry Known for Cold Hearts

Colin Bresee is a premier Denver criminal defense attorney with 2 decades of experience applying his personal analysis and attention to detail to cases both high profile and mundane. His goal is to restore the American legal system to its original intent – equal justice for all.

When he came to us, his website ( was in need of complete revamp in order to stay current with Web design and functionality standards, and to improve conversions.

The Solution: Focusing On the Needs of the User

The new site needed to focus on appealing appeal to clients who had become accustomed to researching all types of services on the internet before making a final decision. It needed to look professional, with content that emphasized Colin’s experience, empathy, and passion, and it needed to be just as functional when viewed on a smartphone as when used on a desktop computer.

Most importantly, it needed to present visitors a logical, easy to follow the way to contact Colin without feeling overly self-conscious. If visitors are looking for a defense attorney, they are already in a stressful situation. To convert them into clients, we needed to help Colin create a safe space for them to start a difficult conversation.

The Results: Improved Conversions from Mobile-Friendly Redesign

We worked closely with Colin, and his SEO team, through every step of the process to create a clean, modern and professional look, that closely aligned with friendly, conversational content and an easy-to-use contact form. With the site update and close conversion tracking, saw exponential and continuing growth in successful Web contact forms on all platforms, with especially impressive increases coming from mobile.

  • An updated, responsive site design structured around our WordPress Foundation Package; featuring a calming, deep blue background, with eye-catching goldenrod highlights
  • Friendly, conversational Web copy that is SEO-driven, while still being focused on building and reinforcing Colin’s personal commitment to justice, his approachability, and his competence
  • A prominently placed contact form, juxtaposed with a friendly approachable photograph that gives prospective clients in stressful situations an easy, low-pressure way to get in touch with the firm

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