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Worried about pressing the update button? We’ll take care of it for you, and make sure nothing breaks.


Wondering how to update WordPress or address WordPress Security Updates?

Keeping your WordPress site updated is critical for site security and compatibility with the array of 3rd party utilities used on the web. However, updates can introduce new code that may break your site’s display or functionality. If your WordPress site needs an update—and you are worried about breaking (and then fixing!)— let us handle the update for you!

View details on the current version of WordPress here.

We’ll update WordPress for you — our WordPress Update Service includes:

  • Deploying your live site to a staging environment (requires a sub-domain and database access)
  • Running all updates including WordPress security updates and all plug-in updates (premium / paid plugins will require a valid license key, not included in this service)
  • Testing and debugging of existing functionality post update
  • Correcting any issues caused by the update*
  • Deploying all updates live

Once your order is processed, we will contact you for relevant site information—such as FTP access if not on file—and you can expect to have the updated site for review within 2 business days or sooner.

Note: The WordPress Update Service does not include designing or developing a new theme, altering your existing content, or replacing/revamping existing functionality. (Although we would be happy to provide a quote for those additional services!)

*Includes up to 2 hours of development time to run, test, and live deploy your updated site. Extensive revamping of existing code, re-configuring plugins, or writing new code that may be required due to the update will be invoiced at our standard hourly rate upon your approval. Updating WordPress beyond one full version may require extensive code updates.


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