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WordPress Content Layout and Design


Leverage our professional skills to populate and style lead-generating content on your WordPress site.


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Not all themes are flexible enough to make creating conversion-focused content easy—and even the ones that are sometimes require a professional designer to put on the finishing touches. Our content layout and design services provide everything you need to create professional conversion-focused content on your site.

Single Page / Post (New Client):

  • Installation and custom CSS setup for our responsive short codes plug-in to allow for flexible and dynamic content display
  • 2-3 custom-content related images to increase social sharing
  • Population of your supplied content into a conversion-focused layout which can include
    • actionable buttons
    • multi-column layouts
    • highlighted content
    • tweet-able quote styling
    • accordion-sectioned content

Single Page / Post  (Existing Client):

  • Everything included in a basic Single Page Request
  • Assumes existing installation and customization of our responsive short codes plug-in.


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