Mac vs PC For Graphic Designers

People who preferred PC said: PC is better for graphic design, I’m a graphic designer and know the reasons. PC has a variety of options, specs, quality, prices, and vendors while a Mac has limited options, is much more expensive, repairing a Mac is more expensive and there’s only one vendor. Macs use a subset …

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The Design of the Disposable Coffee Cup Lid

We deal with our coffee cup lids every morning and don’t really think about them, unless they fail and we end with a lapful of scalding hot liquid. But some designer somewhere has been slaving away at a drafting table to make sure your lap remains clean, dry, and un-scalded.

OMG – Kittens!*

For designers, a placeholder (or dummy) image is pretty much what you’d expect from the name: a blank square or rectangle, or generic image placed into a layout or wireframe to indicate where an image will be located before the actual illustration is chosen. Designers use it for images the way they use Lorem Ipsum …

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Duke University’s Vintage Ad Database

One of the most interesting branding, marketing and advertising resources I’ve come across lately is the Duke University library of vintage ads. The library contains images and database information on more than 7000 vintage advertisements printed in the US and Canada from 1911 through 1955. Despite the fact that some of the pieces are almost 100 years old, they demonstrate that the basic ideas and structures of good copywriting have held constant throughout the decades.

Recipe for Success

You can’t do good creative work without good creative food. And while your mileage may vary regarding what constitutes “good food,” here are a few of the snacks I like to eat to get my creative juices flowing.

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Fonts For Your Website

Choosing a typeface is one of the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of web design for Denver branding firm founder and all around typegeek Kandra Churchwell. Here are 5 tips to help you choose and effective one for your web design project.

Did the “swoosh,” make Nike or did Nike make the “swoosh?”

Nike’s famous swoosh logo is one of the most recognizable brand images on the planet. But is it responsible for Nike’s global success, or does Nike’s brand management model drive the recognition of the logo? And how can small businesses use the same strategies when crafting and managing their brands?

Registering a Trademark

Trademarking your logo and/or company name can provide brand protection. Read about the benefits and the process of obtaining a trademark.

Finding a Host for Your Website

From obtaining a domain, to finding a suitable host – information you need to know before signing up with a hosting service.

Six Favorite Photoshop Books

Six books to answer: “how did they do that” in Photoshop? What’s in all those menus? And, where did they move that command to in this version of Photoshop?

Should you blog?

Why should you blog, how to blog, and tips for making blogging easy.

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