Implement Your Brand

If you have a business, if you’ve interacted with customers, you have a brand. If you have worked with a branding agency, you have a defined brand that you control. So, let’s say you have a defined brand – you know what your audience wants to hear, and how you are going to say it

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Communicating with your designer

An Essential Factor for Successful Graphic Design Making the Brand™ — Denver, 2008 has proven to be a fantastic experience for all of us. An important goal of the contest is to educate the small business community on the branding process — and what to expect when working with your team of brand experts. Following

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Design Satisfaction Guarantee?

Recently, I had a conversation with a client involving a question that is actually quite common for designers to hear from their potential clients. Then today, the same question arose in a conversation with a web development partner of ours. The question led me a) to feel that the client was serious about his company’s

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Reproducing Type

From screen to proof, to press, results are not always identical. Remember the screen is two dimensional, a print is three dimensional and yet a proof is not on the same substrate or created with the same process as the final print. When designing with type, the designer must take into consideration the reproduction method,

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Turn Your Brochure into a Powerful Marketing Tool, and Not Just Filler for the Recycling Bin

You’re dressed for success, wide awake and ready to make your daily sales calls, but will they remember you when you leave. You just finished a phone call with a prospective client, your script was perfect, your voice did not crack, and they want more information. You are headed to a tradeshow where your company

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