Bead Junkies

Think Pink for a Whimsical but Effective Small Business Brand Implementation

Since early 2001, Bead Junkies has provided a wide range of beaded items from handcrafted jewelry to accessories and attire. They also had a very broad target audience. Our task was to create a visual identity that was professional, but not stuffy, and that retained the company’s entrepreneurial edge.

The Solution :: Working closely with the client for fun and profit

Company owner Susan Melvin was a huge help to us in crafting her brand by being articulate about what she wanted the brand to accomplish, and what she had in mind for the look and feel of the logo.

We knew Bead Junkie’s logo had to be fun and effective across a wide range of demographics because no one – male or female, rich or poor, young or old, black, white, red or yellow – is truly immune to bead addiction. The logo had to appeal to children, adults, and bead fanatics from every walk of life, whether they were crafters and artisans, or Etsy professionals looking to take their hobby to the next level.

The Results :: Helping a broad audience satisfy their bead addiction

  • A fun and effective logo
  • A whimsical, yet professional brand image
  • High quality distinctive business cards and stationery
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