Phases Base Theme Gridwork – A WordPress Theme

Our base theme gridwork provides out-of-the-box responsive layouts, widgetized areas, and structure for WordPress sites.

The Phases Base Theme Gridwork was developed to provide a flexible, responsive grid for our site development process. We have crafted the theme to provide a structured workflow that leverages a suite of hand selected plugins, and has optimized our internal processes — allowing us to provide our clients with affordable, high-quality WordPress site development.
Specific features have been added to the core of our theme to resolve some basic WordPress “issues” and provide some amazing back-end features:


Your site will be fully responsive, based on a flexible 12 column grid — just as every modern site should be!

Child Theme Support

While the Base Theme Gridwork can be used as the only theme on your WordPress installation, it was crafted with child themes in mind. Our internal processes are based around this recommended workflow which allows developers to modify a theme without modifying the core of the theme.

Theme Options

Add scripts and code snippets to the header or footer of your site, without touching the theme. This can include tracking codes, Google Font includes, phone call tracking, and more.

Comments Perfected

First, you can turn on or off comments on pages globally through the theme settings; but more exciting is the improved comment features on the blog!
With our Base Theme Gridwork, default WordPress comments with required name and email are now super user friendly. If a comment is crafted, and no name or email is entered, a simple script places the cursor in the offending field for the user to populate, without removing their well-crafted comment, and keeping the user on the current page.

Customizer Enabled

For sites that need to launch OMg YeSTerDAY! the Base Theme Gridwork leverages the WordPress customizer to modify basic styles such as all colors, logo, background image (even with a cover fill!)

Menu Locations

Three default menu locations, with two just for conversion and SEO bliss!

  • Main Navigation (with out-of-the-box responsiveness all the way down to a hamburger phone display)
  • 404 Error Page Links – never leave your visitors questioning where to go if they land on a page that doesn’t exist
  • Front-end site map – provide a user friendly navigation tool of your site by crafting a site map of your pages… that you fully control all the way down to their labels and placement

Three Page Styles

Endless possibilities for crafting the perfect page with:

  1. Wide Page (no sidebar)
  2. Content Left (provides a sidebar on the right)
  3. Content Right (provides a sidebar on the left)

Structured and Flexible Widgetized Areas

  • Top: place any content at the top of the page, above your logo and main navigation
  • Footer One, Two, and Three: Three widget areas to provide a flexible and responsive footer area
  • Footer Wide: a full width area at the bottom of your page
  • Standard Sidebar: for use with Content Left, Content Right, and blog pages
  • Slide Show Sidebar: a full width area at the top of your page
We also leverage a custom sidebar plugin allowing you to create multiple instances of any sidebar, in essence allowing you to create unique versions of any existing sidebar for display on any page or post of your site!

Standard HTML Tags and WordPress Styles

Provided unified, branded, and professional content with basic styles for all HTML elements and WordPress native styling.

Version 1.3.7

The base theme framework is now structured to support the meta title, description, and canonical tags from the Yoast SEO plugin only. Previously, the theme would generate this data without the Yoast plugin. Sites not using Yoast SEO should install and activate the plugin prior to updating the theme.

Version 1.3.5

CSS changes to font sizes

Version 1.3.4

Generated headlines for Author and Archives pages have been updated
Minor code updates to use of article elements
Minor default CSS changes to slideshow sidebar

Version 1.3.3

CSS adjustments
PHP adjustments improving single posts and the comment form

Version 1.3.2

CSS adjustments
improved featured image functionality

Version 1.3.0

Initial Proffer

Credit given where credit is due: A big thank you to all of our clients for continuing to push our creativity in both design and development to new area’s and to Inflow, our inbound marketing partners for working with us on our joint efforts in maintaining and adhering to current standards.

Use of and support for our Base Theme Gridwork is currently only offered to our clients.

To leverage this tool on your site, please contact us to assist you in developing a professional, brand focused site for your business.