WordPress Site Packages—Making WordPress Easier Than Ever

We love WordPress, and with so many wonderful features, plugins, and a great community of developers working  in WordPress, it’s no  surprise that we recommend it to the  majority of our clients.  So what could be better? How about a WordPress site package that includes a suite of plugins and customizations, and leverages a fully responsive  frame work, AND is customized to your brand!


Over the years we’ve launched more sites that we can count with WordPress (some very simple, and some highly customized). But all of them have a few items in common—

  • best practices in theme structure,
  • our “must have” recommended back end tools such as BackupBuddy and Yoast WordPress SEO, among others
  • responsive design
  • and, let’s not forget best practices and recommendations from our partners over at Inflow (who have been a wonderful resource over the years by helping us develop wonderfully SEO friendly methods for building out all of our sites).

Take all of that experience and plugin know-how, wrap it around our years of design, branding, and site planning… and WordPress can be even easier, and yet fully customized for your brand.

We’re excited to officially announce our new WordPress site package—WordPress Foundation Sites!

Our new foundation sites provide a structured use of  the WordPress platform, leverage our new responsive theme framework, and our new short-codes plug in to bring you a new way to empower your brand with WordPress. We’re still building out fully custom sites with custom themes, but we’ve made it better!

The new package allows us to help clients launch a new site in a reduced time frame, and at a budget friendly cost (starting at $3,500 with a 3 week launch schedule), while providing clients with  more complex site needs a solid foundation for their site.

A structured responsive framework

We didn’t reinvent the wheel, or even change our methods that have been so successful on  our websites, but we did craft all of the core structure into our own custom theme;

  • Responsive out of the box (as all sites should be)
  • Theme settings for injecting custom scripts without editing theme files
  • Custom menu locations for snazzy menus such as front end site maps and useful 404 error pages links
  • Multiple sidebars to help us fully customize the site experience with your users in mind, and much much more!

Premium plugins, must-have open source plugins, and custom plugins

Plugins are one thing that makes WordPress so powerful, and we’ve fully embraced that with the development of a short-code plug in that helps you easily build out nearly any responsive layout on any page of your site —without a single line of code! Here’s a short list of the must-have functionality these little gems provide (and you  can read more details about our plug in, as well as see the full list of plug ins we include in our foundation packages here):

  • Fully automated backups
  • User friendly form generation and  slideshows
  • Customize side bar content on any page, or post
  • A visual editor for widgets
  • Full SEO tools, and social sharing integration
  • and of course responsive layouts via our short code plug in

Always there when you need us—training and support!

Let’s admit it – once a site launches, it’s never “done”…. WordPress updates happen (sometimes more often then we like, and sometimes not soon enough); Mistakes happen while editing content; and, sometimes you just don’t remember where a setting is…

That’s why we’ve included training AND two months of support with each new site.

Our package is just a few weeks old, but we’ve had great feedback with the sites currently under development, and have launched two sites with it already. Keep an eye on our portfolio for new sites as they launch, and hop over to myoromi.com and shopalogoods.com to see the new theme in action.

If you are looking to update your site, or need a new site launch for your business, let us help you launch your brand online with a WordPress Foundation Package!

Just submit the request form on the package details page, or give Kandra a call at 303-995-1472

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