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Over 20 years of branding and design knowledge at your fingertips.

Design Files is the home of the wealth of information resulting from 20+ years developing brands, coaching business owners, and training designers on how to build effective brands for established and emerging businesses.

While Kandra, Brand Consultant and Designer for Phases Design Studio, still works locally with a few select companies, here the focus on sharing a wealth of information with small businesses through articles on graphic design, websites, branding, content writing, and marketing.

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Reviews and a Bit of Flattery

Here’s what others say about working with Kandra.

One of our most trusted partners

Our company has been partnering with Phases for years, consistently helping each others’ clients with web design and development, branding, organic SEO, paid search marketing and more.

We provide organic Search Engine Optimization services. Phases is one of our most trusted partners because they’re one of the few web design companies that understand not only how to integrate SEO-friendly coding, design and content when developing a website, but why it’s so important.

Whether you’re looking for a website redesign or are starting fresh, I recommend Kandra and her team because they understand how to make a website that looks great, works well, and – working with us – attracts plenty of good traffic.

Chris Hickey
Chris Hickey
We love working with Phases Design Studio.

In addition to the great print design, specialty merchandise, and messaging they provided for our trade show materials and stationery, they were an excellent resource for general marketing consulting and branding advice.

The process was great – Kandra was very proactive regarding communications and even when there was a small hiccup with the printing, they made sure to keep us in the loop.

We’re happy to recommend Phases to our clients and other strategic partners.

Their dedication to great customer service was outstanding

Phases is a perfect balance of creativity and professionalism. Their ideas are fresh and well researched, and their ability to seamlessly merge into our business is nothing short of remarkable. Phases content is scripted in a manner that is absolutely spot on and engaging, spoken with true industry tenure and expertise.

The branding and design was just as strong and their dedication to great customer service was outstanding – they always went one step beyond what we expected to take care of needs we hadn’t even anticipated.

They're very well-organized and effective and complete their projects on time.

We’ve been working with Phases Design Studio for over 4 years and we’ve always been very happy with Kandra’s team’s branding and graphic design work. They’re very well-organized and effective and complete their projects on time. Kandra’s team makes sure that a project is always done right by gathering the critical user information and client input up front, then combining that information with her team’s branding expertise to produce results that are both aesthetically pleasing and very user-friendly. We always look forward to collaborating with Phases!

Tom Fabian
Tom Fabian
Frontera Interactive
We have always been really pleased with their work.

Kandra and her team at Phases Design Studio always take the time up front to find out about your company and your project before they start any branding or design work, plus they know how the web works. They have a knack for being able to figure out what you’re looking for before you do.

We trusted them to redesign our website because we’ve collaborated with them several times and have always been really pleased with their work.

Tony Kimberly
Tony Kimberly
Spotted Koi
thoughtful, detail-oriented, fun and creative.

I have worked as a vendor with Phases Design Studio for approximately 4 years. My print customers are exacting, demanding, and professional, and expect to receive outstanding customer service and great products. Phases Design Studio meets these needs every time.

Kandra is thoughtful, detail-oriented, fun and creative. I’m proud to include the projects we complete together in the portfolio I show my prospective clients, designers and colleagues. I’m happy to recommend Phases for marketing your corporate identity and meeting your budget needs in today’s competitive market.

J.R. Burrell
Burrell Hume Associates
I'll be using them again.

Phases worked with our publishing company to design our corporate website, as well as a fairly heavily flash-intensive project website related to our fantasy properties. Both sites were done very well, wrapped up on time, and on budget. Not only did they offer great design of their own, but they worked well with our own designers to create a unique look and immersive feel.

Griffith Publishing Brad
Brad Griffith
Spot-on results. I highly recommend them.

Phases Design Studio was a total pleasure to work with. Phases’ methodology is both in-depth and creative – including a comprehensive interview and discovery process, and wide-ranging audience research. Their process ensured that even though my organization had very unique and specific needs, and an unusual set of target markets, they were able to achieve spot-on results. I highly recommend them.

Easy to work with, professional and extremely capable.

Kandra and Phases Design Studio have always done a great job for Adventos. Phases is easy to work with, professional and extremely capable. They consistently combine high quality, creative work with good customer service. I will continue to use them in the future for any of our marketing and graphic design needs.

Mariano Delle Donne, CEO and Founder
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