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Design Files is the home of the wealth of information resulting from 20+ years developing brands, coaching business owners, and training designers on how to build effective brands for established and emerging businesses.

While Kandra, Brand Consultant and Designer for Phases Design Studio, still works locally with a few select companies, here the focus on sharing a wealth of information with small businesses through articles on graphic design, websites, branding, content writing, and marketing.

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Reviews and a Bit of Flattery

Here’s what others say about working with Kandra.

Kandra's investigative approach and the additional input she provided along the way were the primary keys to the project's success.

I hired Phases Design Studio to create a new logo and apply it to various written materials, including business cards, stationery, and marketing pieces. I found them to be very professional and Kandra, in particular, was extremely knowledgeable. Kandra took the time to review where we had been, recommendations we had been given by others and our own thoughts on how Buzz 4 Help should be portrayed in the future. I believe Kandra’s investigative approach and the additional input she provided along the way were the primary keys to the project’s success. Our new look has definitely taken Buzz 4 Help to the next level and for that reason, I highly recommend Phases Design Studio.

Jennifer Williams
Owner - Buzz 4 Help, LLC
We are so grateful for her skill, good heart and generous nature.

Kandra’s creativity and ability to get “under the skin” of our organization is a powerful combination. Through her sensitivity and exceptional listening skills, she brought forth a logo that is exactly right for us – and on one try!! We’ve had nothing but positive feedback on the logo from colleagues and clients alike. I was so relieved when Kandra volunteered her time to our cause; her professionalism and warm approach made the process much easier for us “lay-people.” We are so grateful for her skill, good heart and generous nature. All this led us to hire her company to do our web site revamp, and we are more than pleased with that as well. Thank you, Kandra; we hope you’ll continue to be a part of the People House family.

Lori Ohlson
Rev. Lori Ohlson, MA, LPC
Executive Director, People House
Fine attention to detail, and highly developed creative and practical inspiration.

Phases Design Studio creatively and professionally produced Peak Communication’s trade dress and every other company and marketing resource we use. As a start-up company specializing in the sales of telecommunications equipment and services, we required everything necessary to present an impressive and exciting image of the business to potential customers. Armed with our suggestions, vision and preferred concepts, Phases transformed those into an attractive and impressive logo, mark, and a high-quality letterhead and proposal design, that they then applied to the company’s web site and marketing materials.

Mrs. Churchwell has fine attention to detail, and highly developed creative and practical inspiration. Her work product is emblematic of her skills, and her personal and professional attributes show through in each and every piece she generates. In our opinion, Phases Design Studio is a one stop shop with skills and abilities that rival the larger and more expensive marketing firms and ad designers.

Michael A. Smith
Outstanding implementation, and exceptional customer service.

As we look forward to the future with our ambitions to grow, we are excited about our new look. We believe it will be around for a long time to come. We thank Kandra Churchwell, Creative Director at Phases Design Studio for her creativity, outstanding implementation, and exceptional customer service.

Helped me with everything I needed for my new business.

After working for someone else as an automotive technician for 15 years, I found the resources and necessity to start my own business. This process required designing a logo, moving my business, and contacting my current customer base. Phases Design Studio was able to get all of this done, plus help me with a temporary sign, letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. My customers all comment how great all of my materials look. All of my concerns were addressed quickly and each revision just got better and better.

Don Hunter
Don Hunter
HP Automotive
A joy to work with.

We gave Phases Design Studio the general impression of what we wanted to convey and it seemed our ideas became hard copy proofs immediately. Phases Design Studio cheerfully made each step virtually pain free – from the design of the Logo and marketing packages to the coordinated Web site development. Thanks to Phases Design Studio, we are better defined than ever before.

1 20 09 S Lewis
Stephanie Lewis
Lew West Business Consultants
Quality of work and knowledge of the printing process is remarkable

We have quite a few demanding clients, and many of them don’t know much about advertising. Kandra has been absolutely wonderful in dealing with all of our tight deadlines and odd requests. In addition, the quality of her work and her knowledge of the printing process is remarkable. Phases Design Studio has become a real asset to us and we look forward to working with them for a long time to come.

Tamara Barnes
We will continue to work with Phases Design Studio and encourage you to do the same!

Our mission was to successfully launch new franchisees in the competitive Custom Picture Framing market using primarily direct mail. Phases Design Studio worked closely with us to plan and build the right messaging and color schemes to maximize the impact at an affordable cost. Clients responded, and the results were immediate.

Dan McMullen
Budget Framer
Quick, creative, and flexible

I work at a community outreach center which produces educational curriculum for teachers worldwide. As our production levels rose and our distribution reach expanded, we wanted our books to look more professional. Not only did Phases convert our Word files into InDesign, but they also created a sleek and teacher friendly format for our books. As a result, we moved from portraying an image of a small outreach center to portraying an image of a professional curriculum development center. Quick, creative, and flexible, I look forward to working with Phases on our upcoming publications.

Samantha Ward Ertenberg
CTIR/GCIS, University of Denver
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