Branding Denver Since 2000

Since 2000, Phases Design Studio has built a track record of success by combining hard-nosed business smarts with a customer-focused design philosophy and a data-driven, information-intensive branding process.

Our No-Nonsense Process Sets Us Apart

We understand the difference between pretty design and effective design. And more importantly, we know that the secret to creating effective design and branding is to get to know everything we can about your company. We then leverage that knowledge to send our beautiful design – and your business – into overdrive.

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Our Branding Process—A Quick Overview

Every project begins with an in-depth Discovery session where we dig into the data about your business to find out everything we possibly can about your company, your customers, and your competition.

We take the knowledge we’ve gained from that meeting to craft a comprehensive brand development plan that includes:

  • A summary of the Discovery session
  • An explanation and discussion of your Brand Backbone
  • Expert recommendations for making your branding, design, or development project a raging success

Once you’ve approved our recommendations, we get started on the fun part – designing your logo, writing your taglines, developing your website, and creating your collateral.

At every step of the way, we communicate to keep you in the loop on our progress and to give you the opportunity to give feedback and input before approving any design, messaging, development, or another important element of your brand. It’s a process we’ve perfected over the years to provide our clients the most persuasive content, professional design, clean code, and elegant brand strategy in the Denver market.

Branding for Large Companies, Organizations, and Small Businesses

We're proud of our ability to provide branding resources to businesses of all sizes. 

After over 15 years of working with companies to craft successful brands, owner Kandra Churchwell penned her branding process into a self-paced course for business owners. With the Bravvy Build a Savvy Brand process, businesses of any size can walk themselves through the same discovery and research processes we use for our clients. 

With Bravvy:

  • Larger organizations with an existing brand use Bravvy to complete internal brand audits
  • Small business owners save thousands of dollars by investing their time and improve their success rate when working with designers and developers.

Put our No-Nonsense branding and design philosophy to work for your business.