A New Look for Non-profits: Giving a Visual Identity to the Spirit of the Organization

Local Non-Profit Organization Receives a Donation that Renews the Community Spirit

Non-profit organizations are a tribute to our society—a representation of what the community can do when individuals cooperate and support efforts to improve the individual and communal quality of life. One such outreach of cooperation and support was given to People House, a local Denver non-profit organization, focusing on the personal and spiritual growth of the individuals who make up the Denver community. Phases Design Studio has provided a new look to the more than 30 year old organization through the donation of a professional branding package (including a new logo and stationery packages) along with assisting them in the development of their new web site which was released on August 1, 2007. The new visual identity package has provided the staff, members and practitioners of People House with a renewed excitement and dedication to the organization’s community efforts.

People House is a center for spiritual and personal growth whose purpose is to enrich and enhance lives through educational programs, counseling, facilitation, fellowship, leadership training and support. Located in a restored Victorian home in the Highlands area of north Denver, People House has a 32 year history of responding to the community’s need for personal education, healing and growth, as well as professional development. People House serves people of all faiths, races, ethnic groups and socioeconomic status. Each of the non-sectarian ministers, facilitators, and therapists bring their unique perspective, knowledge, skill and experience in a particular field of work; all share a common commitment to providing a space of unconditional respect and acceptance where each person’s inner wisdom can blossom and grow.

“Shortly after we uploaded our new web site, a long-time member of the People House Practitioner Marketing Group (and former CEO of the Women’s Chamber) handed me her membership renewal fee and informed me that the new web site and logo was her main influence to continue her involvement with People House. Upon seeing the new site and logo she was so impressed with our new image that she enthusiastically submitted her renewal fee and is hosting two brand new workshops. Our new image has renewed the community spirit for our organization.”
Katie Brown, People House Director of Development

Phases Design Studio dedicates projects each year to local non-profit organizations as a way of expressing their dedication to the community through providing materials that will instill the organization’s strengths and values through visual communication. “Our non-profit projects are always the most rewarding projects of the year. They allow us to give back to the community through providing communication materials that help the organizations serve the people we share our world with. I hope everyone gets a chance to visit the new People House web site, and to benefit from the wonderful community programs they offer.” Kandra Churchwell, Creative Director for Phases Design Studio

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