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Need a project finished and don’t want to mess with layers of meetings, multiple negotiations of time and scope, and unnecessary time delays? Need someone who is deep in expertise and experience, but doesn’t want to steal your client? Need some support to just get the work out the door? I CAN HELP YOU!

I specialize in assisting book editors and publishers, advertising agencies, and graphic designers complete their client work in a straightforward, affordable, professional manner. No nonsense – no ego – no stress!

Hi, I’m Kandra. Graphic designer, brand consultant, soap maker, online retail shop owner. I’ve done many things throughout my career, but they all have something in common: I help people look and feel better. Whether this means top-notch, effective marketing collateral for their business or advice to budding soap makers, my goal is to “bring the joy” to people while using my unique combo of creativity and analytical skills.

I have over 25 years of experience working in graphic design and branding, including owning my own firm for several years offering design, website development, and branding for a wide range of businesses from solopreneurs to larger corporations. The joy I receive from helping people communicate their story and mission is why I continue to support other professionals with their clients.

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B2b Companies Denver 2019
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Top Advertising and Marketing Agencies in Denver
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These days, in addition to screen time designing client projects, you are just as likely to find me supporting my online community of soapmakers (over at, enjoying the local music scene in Tucson, painting with my cats, or gardening. Life is too short to not spend it doing the things you love!

Types of Projects I Love:

  • Book Layout
  • Design and layout for print marketing
  • Page Layout (I go ga-ga over style sheets)
  • Brainstorming and thumbnailing
  • Image Editing
  • WordPress site content build outs

Not my cup of tea (anymore):

  • Web Development
  • Brand Messaging
  • Audience Demographic Research
  • Logo Development
  • Illustration

I’m fluent in the following software:

Adobe Creative Suite | Microsoft Office | Kindle Direct Publishing | Canva | Adobe Express | WordPress | WooCommerce | Astra Theme for WordPress | Various Social Media Management Platforms… and I work on a PC with occasional World Of Warcraft screen time with my adult children (because you’re never too old for playtime!)

I had spent years struggling with different designers trying to create a company logo, but no one was able to create the visuals I saw in my head. Phases accomplished this nearly impossible task perfectly by presenting our very technical operation in a way that reflects our customer-focused company policies and friendly, Denver-based atmosphere.

After we started implementing our new brand we also started receiving positive compliments from our customers! One customer told me over the phone that she loved our logo as well as the new slogan, which she stated described us perfectly. Another customer called it a “great logo; scientific but not pretentious.” We also received compliments from customers who I would never even expect would notice!

The feedback from our clients and the confidence we have in our new brand makes all the hard work worth it!

I absolutely love our new logo and thank Phases for all of their hard work.

I can’t tell you how fortunate I am to have Phases working with me on my brand. First, they came up with a unique and original name that fits my business to a “T”. Now, I’m constantly receiving compliments, and people commenting that they remember me because of my brand colors!

Phases has been so supportive throughout the entire implementation process, too. I can’t believe how many wonderful and effective ideas they have had for promoting my brand – everything from amazing and shareable infographics and informative blog posts to ways to reach new audiences that I would have never thought of on my own.

I look forward to continuing both the relationship and the success my business has received from their work!

Renaissance Adventure Guides
Renaissance Adventure Guides LLC

One of the more difficult processes of running our business has always been finding partners with who want open and honest communication. There is a saying in the guiding industry that says “Good friends stab you in the front” — meaning that if you want your clients/partners to succeed you will be upfront with them at all times. Working with Phases Design Studio has been just such a relationship for us.

Over the course of our working relationship with Phases we have been pleasantly rewarded with products requiring little/no revisions. The first project was a new logo. Kandra presented us with four designs; one of which she thought was the best. We asked for some other designs as well and she provided us with two additional proofs. After doing a blind study some of our key clientèle we found that her original suggestion was the winner. Next, we had several intensive meetings to delineate our needs and goals with our new brochure. The result was astonishing for us – a piece that was so close to perfect that it only needed a few small revisions. It was almost like she could read our minds and then made it better. We are currently in progress on our website and we are ecstatic with the initial results.

I highly recommend Phases Design Studio to any business looking to work together with a graphic designer for professional results in a timely manner.”

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