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Polish Your Chrome with These Extensions to Help Get Things Done

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We mainly work in Google Chrome at the studio (when we are not testing sites for cross browser compatibility). These fantastic extensions make it a great platform for us to get the most out of our time on the internet. From productivity, to that’s just cool, Chrome really does shine in comparison to other browsers!

Polish up your Chrome with these must have extensions for Web Designers.


The Buffer Button lets us easily add any shareable content to our social networks, and adjust it in the schedule so we are sure to get the most out of our social shares.

Note: an account with Buffer is required, and we highly recommend it.


Edit this Cookie is a cookie manager! It’s a life saver when trying to troubleshoot some of our web projects…. delete, edit, add new, search, everything you want to do with a cookie (except eat it!). It even has a super cute cookie icon.


FireShot is my absolute favorite, and most used extension. Offering both free and paid plans, this little gem let’s you capture, annotate, save, crop… do anything you can think of with a screen shot. You can even grab a screen shot of an entire web page—meaning it will scroll and splice to provide one really long screen shot if you have a hankering for that.


Tag Assistant helps to troubleshoot installation of various Google tags including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more. While our SEO super crew over at Inflow usually keeps an eye on this for us and our clients, it’s still something I use all the time to troubleshoot (mainly to make sure our code is keeping the SEO guys happy!)


Love Google Analytics? Get the Page Analytics extension and you’ll love it even more. It shows you site analytic data, right on the site—allowing you to better understand how users are interacting with your content.

teamwork projects

Teamwork Projects for Chrome is a productivity add-on for the TeamWork Project Manager. Quickly create tasks, messages, links, and log time with a click of a button! Yup, our clients can install this little baby and fill our schedules up with just a few clicks… hrmmmm maybe I shouldn’t include in this list?


Manage multiple twitter accounts, and want to hop in via twitter to see what’s going on? Twitcher allows you to quickly switch accounts without having to sign in! Simple, useful, love it.


Anything that helps me limit the number of tabs I have to open is a big plus in my book. The Google Calendar extensions shows me all of my upcoming meetings, and let’s me add new ones without needing to hop into an app, new tab, or even leave what I was doing.  Added bonus – it provides a time display showing when your next scheduled calendar entry is! Nothing on my calendar for 21 hours as of this writing…. Another LOVE IT!

My “to try” list:

Here are a few more that are on my “to try” list. Let me know if you have any experience with them, or if there are any extensions on your must have list that you want to share. Comments are open below!

Google Docs to WordPress is supposed to streamline the migration from importing content into a WordPress blog via Google Docs. Ever since WordPress figured out how to copy / paste beautifully from Word, copy / paste from Google Docs just hasn’t been up to par. This just might fix that.

WordPress Admin Bar Control: logged in to your WordPress site, but the admin bar is driving you crazy? Try this extension to hide it!

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