Friday’s News Roundup

pi-news_fbThere’s a lot going on in the world today, so we thought we’d throw together an extra post.

First, Happy Pi Day! Yesterday’s date was 3/14, the annual celebration of math and delicious things baked in a crust. (Kandra used it as an excuse to bake.)

Next, we have some unfortunate news to report: Google Reader is closing its doors. We don’t know many people who still used the RSS feed, but we’re sad to see it go. Google said that they need to pour the energy and resources into other products that people use more frequently. Of course, this caused and outrage among the thousands of people who still do use it every day. What’s your opinion? Should it stay, or should it go?

Of course, not every social media site is cutting back. Pinterest has announced its new web analytics function. You can now check how many people are pinning your content, which will be a great way for artists to keep track of their work.

Perhaps the biggest news of all: remember the Higgs-Boson? They found it. Don’t get too excited right away; the researchers say they still need to do more tests. But so far, it’s showing all of the signs of being the god particle. If it is, they have even more work ahead of them; Higgs-Boson particles are said to hold the fabric of the universe together. If they can figure out how they do that, will there be anything that they won’t be able to discover?

And speaking of God, there’s a new pope around too. Pope Francis (the first to choose that name) was elected two days ago. Like every other pope, he as some good qualities and some bad qualities. We’ll just have to wait and see how he turns out.

Last, but by far not least— our good friends seOverflow are now listed as a recommended SEO company by SEOmoz, one of the most trusted sources for SEO. Congratulations indeed!

Long story short: We lost a service from one website, and gained a service from another. The Higgs- Boson was discovered (maybe), we have a new pope, and a great group of folks received much deserved kudos. Talk about a crazy week!

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