2010 Super Bowl Ads: So Unimpressive, We Almost Forgot to Post Them

Unfortunately, this year’s ads didn’t live up to expectations, but there were some good laughs and charming takes throughout the bunch.

An effective ad should be memorable, reinforce the product/company brand, and most importantly, drive to you to take action (it makes you crave a crunchy chip, remember the right search engine when you need an answer, or want to drive a car that boosts your status in society). Google’s ad is a great showcase for this – it was simple, clean, elegant, and proved that Google provides the answers to all of our questions for any need we can come up with.

So what about the other ads? Here’s our top 10 8 Super Bowl Ads list:

Google: Search On

We loved it! Not what we expected for a Super Bowl ad, but oh yeah… go Google go, be the resource for everything in life.

Doritos: House Rules

Fun, memorable, and with plenty of spicy flavor – just like the chips themselves.

Coke: Hard Times

This one is a funny twist on the classic Coke commercial – a bottle of coke brightening your day. But the best advertising move Coke made has to be sponsoring all of the ads on Hulu’s Adzone.

Chrysler: Dodge Charger

The actor’s defeated expressions are awesome, and the point is clear: “I will watch your vampire movies, I will take my socks of before getting into bed – I will drive the car I want to drive.”

Volkswagen: Punchdub

This commercial takes the game “slug bug” and applies to all 17 of the Volkswagen models. The Stevie Wonder bit at the end is a gem.

Budweiser: Clydesdale/Fence

This one was very sweet, but unless you are already familiar with the Budweiser brand, it’s hard to tell what this one is advertising.

Audi: Green Car

The one only made the list because of it’s use of the “Big Brother” concept was so frightening. The idea of buying a car because the “green police” forced you into it isn’t entirely appealing.

Careerbuilder.com: Casual Friday

This hilarious example of a casual Friday gone wrong does an excellent job of carrying the implicit message: “I can do better than this.”

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