WordPress Releases Security Update, Version 3.1.3

WordPress Releases Security Update, Version 3.1.3

Posted by on May 27th, 2011

wordpress-iconThe WordPress.org development team has released a security update to version 3.1 (3.1.3). WordPress is the content management system many our clients for its ease of use and adaptability, and the upgrade includes important security upgrades.

With  a new full version scheduled for the end of June (3.2), the fact that they felt it was necessary to put out this update so close to an upcoming release should give you some indication of how seriously they’re taking the security threat.

So, long story short, if your site allows users to register or upload files, you need to make this upgrade immediately (preferably, like, yesterday), in order to protect your registrants’ login and other personal information.

If you use WP, but don’t have open registration, we recommend the upgrade, although it isn’t as critical.

If your site is business-critical and you don’t feel 100% comfortable making the upgrade yourself, we are happy to manage the process for you, but again, we strongly recommend that you make this upgrade as soon as possible.

For specific information on the security fixes, here’s the WordPress blog post announcing the release:


If you have questions about this update, or would like to schedule our team to upgrade your site, call or email us for pricing and scheduling information.


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