Pinterest Profile Template


Pinterest Profile Template

Unlike other social media profiles, there are very few items to customize with Pinterest; most of the images on your profile come from your pinboards. But if your client would like to see what their Pinterest page will look like, we’ve made it easy for you to make a mockup of the front page with the few elements that can be customized.

The Photoshop template includes editable areas for:

  • Smart-object company profile image
  • Text layers to customize the company name and description
  • Individual layer groups for both the main view and the shortened page scroll view

Download the Template!

Access the the Photoshop file, in zip format, for download by sharing below.



How to Use the Pinterest Photoshop Profile Template:

  • Download and unzip the template
  • Edit the profile image
  • Edit the company name and description
  • Save a proof for client approval (toggle the layer groups of “Main” and “scroll” to generate proofs  for each layout)
  • Save your profile picture and upload to Pinterest!





Kandra is influenced in her design by everything from Hubble Space Telescope imagery to the strawberry plants in her garden. Her concepts are known for their characteristic combination of warmth, simplicity and functionality, and for their strong resonance with her clients’ brand and corporate identities.

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