Phases Design Studio Turns Freight 113 Into Party Central

Phases Design Studio Turns Freight 113 Into Party Central

Posted by on August 26th, 2011

Phases has been on party patrol the last couple of weeks. What a bunch of social butterflies we are.

Baby Shower Shindig

Last week, we got together with a few partners and a few of our clients  to wish Audrey well on her impending motherhood. We gathered in the kitchen, Kandra had baked some chocolate chip cookies, we had chips and hummous, and Hanson’s sodas (that didn’t explode as the boys tossed them around like beer at a frat party!).

The gifts were awesome and there was lots of great parenting advice given. Well there was some good advice. Well… Advice was given.

For those wondering, it’s a boy! And, Audrey will be taking her maternity leave for the month of September

Nothing Says “Paaartaaay!” Like Vegan Cookies

Then, earlier this week, Kandra needed an excuse to try out her new vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe because it turns out that Alex from seOverflow is vegan and so couldn’t even try(!) Kandra’s cookies at the shower. Seeking any excuse for socializing, we seized upon this opportunity immediately. So we called up our new neighbors, Cirro, from down the hallway, Mike B from seOverflow busted out the gourmet coffee and we had a good old fashioned koffee klatch right in suite 113-B. Plans were hatched for a hardcore Freight frisbee golf tournement, which is apparently like, a thing, and coffee and baked goods were consumed.

Turns out vegan chocolate chip cookies are pretty tasty!

If we’re not careful, I’m afraid we’re gonna get us a reputation.

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