Monday Links

Monday Links

Posted by on June 21st, 2010


Just wanted to drop links to a couple of interesting branding stories I came across over the weekend.

The first details the 10 brands that 24/7 Wall St predicts will disappear by the end of this year. They include some huge names, but point out that some of the companies that own these brands are fine, that some of the brands are being acquired rather than shuttered (and may be renamed, such as BP), and that some of them will be disappearing from US shelves, but will still exist elsewhere. What struck me as the commonality among all these brands is that they were all very powerful in the pre-internet era, and most have had well-publicized troubles adjusting to the new online paradigm. The lesson for small businesses is nimbleness and adaptability.

The second link is to a list of the most powerful and popular brands online, and gives a few stats on what percentage of internet users visit the sites and how long the average user stays. The names are predictably huge and well-known, although the list included a couple of which surprised me, especially AOL, which has had some management and brand equity problems over the last several years. So what are these brands doing on the Web that keeps people coming to their sites and staying around for so long (the average user stays at facebook for over 6 hours)? And how can we small business owners emulate them?

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