awesome new lipsum tool

awesome new lipsum tool

Posted by on September 1st, 2011

Regular lorum ipsum text generators are just so five minutes ago. That’s why this fun little gadget is so cool.

It replaces boring old latin ipsum text with exciting hipster words and catch phrases that are so cool (I mean “deck,” apparently) that… well, insert your own hipster catch phrase here, because by the time I type it, it’ll be totally lame.

You just tell it how many paragraphs of placeholder text you need, let it know if you want “hipster, w/a shot of latin,” or “hipster, neat,” and click the “beer me,” button. Then you can just copy and paste the text into your design project faster than you can say “ironic mustache,” and still have time to run over to Urban Outfitters and pick up your PBR trucker’s cap.

Here’s a little sample:

Austin jean shorts shoreditch, gluten-free trust fund brooklyn hoodie lo-fi. Jean shorts PBR irony aesthetic, chambray banksy leggings biodiesel keytar keffiyeh four loko +1. Brunch american apparel single-origin coffee cosby sweater brooklyn, salvia mlkshk mixtape irony farm-to-table terry richardson next level banksy fap. You probably haven’t heard of them lomo banksy terry richardson keffiyeh twee, williamsburg etsy viral gentrify organic. Mixtape letterpress keffiyeh, +1 wes anderson dreamcatcher cliche you probably haven’t heard of them sustainable. Mcsweeney’s freegan beard vegan, dreamcatcher +1 sustainable four loko. Tumblr lomo gluten-free, wolf banh mi dreamcatcher keytar banksy whatever fixie.

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