Backing Up in the Cloud

Sometimes, a single backup location just isn’t enough – even in the Cloud.

A Guide to Responsive Breaking Points

A visual guide to media queries and breaking points for responsive design.

Educating Clients: a Tricky Process

Educating clients is a hard but often necessary process. We usually start with a conversation.

Facebook Photoshop Template Updated for 160px Profile Pic

Simple as the post title puts it… We’ve updated our photoshop Facebook timeline template for the 160px square pricile pic update rolling out on April 26th (that’s tomorrow!).

How I spent my Friday Evening Making License Plates.

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to spend my Friday night making license plates for one of our clients. Read on to find out how you can make one of your own!

Photoshop Template for Facebook Timelines

Download our free Photoshop Template for Facebook Timelines – complete with custom smart object support!

10 Tips for Effective Small Business Web Design

Small business owners often feel compelled to design and build their own websites rather than hire designers, coders, writers and the other professionals and experts who make their livelihoods on the web. Remember, though, a bad website will actively hurt your brand, your company, and your bottom line. DIY websites often have a host of […]

Mac vs PC For Graphic Designers

People who preferred PC said: PC is better for graphic design, I’m a graphic designer and know the reasons. PC has a variety of options, specs, quality, prices, and vendors while a Mac has limited options, is much more expensive, repairing a Mac is more expensive and there’s only one vendor. Macs use a subset […]

OMG – Kittens!*

For designers, a placeholder (or dummy) image is pretty much what you’d expect from the name: a blank square or rectangle, or generic image placed into a layout or wireframe to indicate where an image will be located before the actual illustration is chosen. Designers use it for images the way they use Lorem Ipsum […]

Recipe for Success

You can’t do good creative work without good creative food. And while your mileage may vary regarding what constitutes “good food,” here are a few of the snacks I like to eat to get my creative juices flowing.