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Kandra Churchwell
Brand Consultant and Designer

Strategic Design, Creative Guidance, Baking

Creative Director : Kandra ChurchwellKandra Churchwell has been a designer and brand consultant in Denver since 1996 – serving emerging and established businesses with a unique blend of business savvy, creative passion and a dedication to great customer service. Kandra has helped dozens of business owners in Denver as brand consultant and designer for Phases Design Studio.

Kandra holds a BA in Advanced Computer Graphic Design from Platt College in Aurora Colorado, where she also spent several years teaching graphic design, and honing her print design and production skills before launching Phases Design Studio.

Although primarily known today as a branding expert and Denver web designer, Kandra is also an accomplished print designer and publication specialist. She is influenced by both the city’s vibrant culture and by the natural beauty of Colorado’s Front Range, often incorporating natural motifs into her design concepts.

Kandra’s non-branding interests include gardening, baking, hiking, knitting (and all things crafty), and vintage VW buses.

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These 10 WordPress plugins are so awesome, we use them on nearly every site we build.

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WordPress Site Packages—Making WordPress Easier Than Ever

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Changing a Brand Icon – Elephants to Leave the Circus

Will phasing out the elephant have a significant impact on the global circus brand?

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Pinterest Made Easy

can be a great platform to engage with your audience and to share your knowledge and resources with your prospects, and it doesn’t have to be tedious.

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2014 Studio Wrap Up!

What a wonderful year it’s been at the studio—thanks to our talented partners, and wonderful clients.

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Here Come the Holidays!

Studio Schedule Update :: Plan your branding needs for the holiday season!

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Planning the Perfect Holiday Greeting Card

Bored with stuffing repetitive cards into envelopes every year? Forget about the cliche santas and snowmen – this year, do something unique with your holiday greetings.

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